Open-Cut Coal Mining

As a leading Open-Cut Mining Contractor, Mako Mining Services have extensive experience in dealing with Open-Cut Coal Mining projects. From managing complete open cut mining operations to providing specialised support to mining operations across Australia, our clients rely on our ability to meet and exceed their unique operational needs.

With over 10 years of experience in open-cut coal mining, our team boasts unmatched expertise, enthusiasm, and specialised skills to elevate your mining projects. Mako Mining Services is renowned for its state-of-the-art equipment, highly skilled workforce, and unwavering dedication to safety.

At Mako Mining Services, we take pride in our reputation for delivering top-notch services and going above and beyond to ensure the success of every project.


What is Open-Cut Coal Mining?

Open cut coal mining, sometimes also referred to as surface mining, is a method used to extract coal near the earth's surface. This type of mining involves removing large amounts of soil and rock overlying the coal seam, allowing for easier access to the coal deposits. One of the main advantages of open cut coal mining is its cost-effectiveness and efficiency in extracting coal on a large scale. Additionally, this method results in less environmental disturbance compared to underground mining techniques.


Mako: Leading The Way In Open-Cut Mining

Mako Mining Services distinguishes itself in the open-cut coal mining sector by prioritising advanced technology, a proficient workforce, and a firm dedication to safety and environmental sustainability. Our utilisation of state-of-the-art equipment and innovative techniques ensures optimal coal extraction processes, leading to heightened efficiency and productivity. 

With a team of experienced professionals well-versed in open-cut mining practices, Mako Mining benefits from our extensive knowledge and expertise, crucial for the successful execution of mining operations. Moreover, our unwavering commitment to safety measures and sustainable mining practices underscores our responsible approach, safeguarding both our workforce and the environment.


State Of The Art Equipment & Technology

At Mako Mining Services, our advanced technology plays a crucial role in ensuring efficient coal extraction processes. By leveraging state-of-the-art equipment and innovative techniques, we are able to optimise the extraction process, leading to maximum efficiency and productivity. Our continuous investment in cutting-edge technology allows us to streamline operations and achieve higher coal recovery rates, setting us apart as leaders in the industry. 

By ensuring a safe working environment and minimising our environmental footprint, we uphold our responsibility to operate ethically and sustainably in the mining industry.


Experienced & Professional Teams

Experienced professionals in open-cut mining practices play a crucial role in ensuring the successful execution of mining operations. The expertise and dedication of our employees contribute significantly to achieving high levels of coal production that consistently meet industry standards. 

By leveraging our wealth of experience and knowledge in the best practices of open-cut mining, Mako Mining can optimise our operations, enhance efficiency, and maintain a safe working environment. The proficiency of these professionals is essential for maximising coal recovery rates and minimising environmental impact, making us invaluable assets in the open-cut coal mining sector.

It is thanks to our efforts that we are able to consistently achieve high levels of coal production that meet the highest quality standards in the industry.


Prioritising Environmentalism and Safety

Moreover, Mako Mining Services prioritises safety measures and environmental protection throughout our operations. By adhering to strict safety protocols and implementing sustainable mining practices, we minimise risks to our workforce and reduce the environmental impact of our activities.


Sustainable Mining Practices

As we place a strong emphasis on the importance of safety measures and environmental protection in all aspects of our operations. By consistently adhering to stringent safety protocols and implementing sustainable mining practices, we effectively minimise potential risks to our workforce and significantly reduce the environmental impact of our activities. This commitment to safety and sustainability underscores our dedication to responsible mining practices and ensures the well-being of our employees and the surrounding environment.


Social Responsibility

Mako Mining Services also places a strong emphasis on community engagement and sustainable development initiatives. By actively involving local communities in our projects and implementing programs that benefit the surrounding areas, they strive to create a positive impact beyond our mining operations. This commitment to social responsibility further solidifies Mako Mining Services' reputation as a leader in the industry, setting us apart as a company that values not only operational excellence but also the well-being of the communities in which they operate.



Benefits Of Our Open-Cut Mining Services 

  • Labour Hire: Our flexible and unique team are available for a variety of contracting arrangements Australia-wide.
  • Expert Project Management: Our experience means we have an expert understanding of the specific requirements needed within the mining industry having worked on countless underground projects previously. 
  • Seamless Operations: Our professional planning process ensures that goals, objectives and targets are identified and results are maximised.
  • Wet/Dry Equipment Hire: All equipment required for the operation, is delivered to the site and ready for work.
  • Innovative Guidance: We provide thought-leading consulting services if needed to improve current strategy performance for improved efficiency and productivity.


Open-Cut Mining: Labour Hire & Project Management Expertise

Mako Mining Services excels in labour hire and project management expertise within our open-cut coal mining and our underground mining services. We offer a flexible and unique team available for various contracting arrangements Australia-wide. With our experience and expert understanding of the mining industry's specific requirements, gained from working on numerous open-cut coal mining projects, Mako Mining Services ensures seamless operations, maximises results, and provides wet/dry equipment hire. 

Additionally, we offer innovative guidance through consulting services to enhance strategy performance for improved efficiency and productivity in underground mining operations.


The Best Contractors For Open Cut Mining Australia

Mako Mining Services stands out in the open-cut coal mining industry by combining technological innovation, skilled workforce, and a strong commitment to safety and environmental responsibility, making us a top choice for efficient and sustainable coal extraction.

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