Build Your Future And Find A Career In Mining

Australia's mining industry is looking for motivated people of all ages, genders and experience to help shape the future!

Our mining industry is a dynamic and ever-evolving field, embracing cutting-edge technology as well as sustainability practices. 

With over a hundred different types of careers available in the mining industry, there has never been a better time to shape a successful career.

Why Choose MAKO Mining Services To Launch Your Career?

MAKO Mining Services is an excellent choice for people looking to start their careers in mining.

Our industry-leading services were born out of a strong desire to provide quality career services that go far beyond our client's expectations.

With our expert knowledge and background in the coal industry, MAKO comes with many benefits which include:

  • A Variety of Opportunities: MAKO Mining Services offer a wide range of job opportunities in both underground and open-cut mining.
  • New Roles Added Daily: We regularly update our careers pages so that you can find the latest jobs available in the mining industry.
  • We Can Help You Break Into The Industry: MAKO Mining Services is a leading jobs portal for anybody interested in a career in the Australian mining industry.
  • Caring People: Your success is our success and we are fully committed to helping you find your feet in the mining industry.

MAKO Mining Services offer a variety of opportunities in both underground and open-cut mining, as well as in their professional services division. MAKO  Mining Services is committed to safety and provides comprehensive training to all of its employees. They also offer competitive wages and benefits.

How To Launch Your Career With MAKO Mining Services

Whether you are just starting out, or are a seasoned professional or miner, enhance your career today in the mining industry with MAKO Mining Services.


What Is The Best Career In Mining?

It depends on your personal preference and individual priorities and interests. There is no best career as such however there are certain roles that may pay more salary.

Do Miners Make Good Money?

Yes, they can do.

Skilled and experienced miners, especially those working in remote locations or on specific minerals, can earn significantly more.

There are factors however that may influence how much you earn:

  • Location: Salaries are often higher in remote areas where there is a skilled labour shortage. 
  • Experience: Entry-level miners typically earn less than experienced workers as they are more likely to have gained specialised skills and qualifications which only happens over time.
  • Type of Mining: Underground miners generally earn more than surface miners due to the increased risks and inherent demands of the job.
  • The Company You Work For Larger companies will generally be able to offer better wages and benefits than smaller operations.

Are Miners In High Demand In Australia?

Absolutely. The current mining industry in Australia is thriving, with well over 40,000 people working in mines. The Australian mining industry is set to continue booming, experiencing significant growth and contributing heavily to the national GDP.